TI-84 Plus CE Review – The Latest TI Calculator 2017

The Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Review – Here’s The New Kid on the Block

Last Update January 2, 2017. As our education system is enhancing with the help of research on a fast pace. The instruments we are using must also evolve to meet the demands of the students. You might have heard about one of the most popular series of calculator model that is TI-84 Plus from Texas Instruments; So with the burst of technology , the latest Ti calculator, TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator has been introduced in the market that will astound you with its latest graphing features and mathematical functions.


It is the latest TI graphing calculator. It’s more powerful than its predecessor the TI-84 Plus.


The Pros

You will gain the following advantages by using TI-84 plus CE:

  • 30% lighter and slimmer than its predecessor the TI-84 Plus
  • It is allowed on PSAT, SAT, ACT, IB and AP tests
  • It is equipped with the math print functionality
  • It allows you to add coefficients with the variables
  • It has a battery-preserving mode that allows it to hibernate in the deep sleep mode
  • It has a long lasting and durable battery
  • Equipped with the removable battery you can easily replace its battery in the times of need

The Cons

With the advantages, some minor upgrades need to be made in TI-84 plus CE like:

  • Due to its glossy finish, the TI-84 Plus CE is a real fingerprint magnet
  • You cannot download the applications that have an outdated version
  • The update for a solution of trigonometric functions is still awaited


If you want a reliable instrument that will help you with any kind of physics and mathematics-related problems then TI-84 plus CE graphing calculator will be your best choice. It can be regarded as the top list calculator because of its usability in schools and colleges.  It is a professionally developed complete learning source. Its’ widespread acceptance and high-quality features will make it your trademark device.

I recommend you to buy TI-84 plus CE graphing calculator because of its extraordinary applications. It will be your best companion while doing homework and even in tests. 

Features of TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator

TI-84 Plus CE Review - Slim and powerful graphing calculator

Although, there are so many features that are same as that of its predecessors but you will be glad to know about the wonderful additions into this device on a physical level as well as software level that make it now more useful for mathematicians, students and professionals. Do take note that this device is three times faster than TI-84 Plus. As you can see, the picture above clearly shows that this calculator is really slim. It also has a USB port on its right side.

  1. Unlike its predecessors, this calculator comes with color graphic model and possesses a rechargeable battery. 
  2. You will be glad to know that TI series basic programs can be easily transferred from older versions to this latest arrival; this feature adds more convenience to user’s requirement.
  3. It is available with 3MB memory and 154000 bytes of RAM.
  4. Comes with preloaded images and useful applications.
  5. If we keep an eye over physical appearance then this calculator is slimmer than its predecessors as you will really feel great while holding it in your hands.
  6. The recently added software update to this new device of TI-84 series makes it possible to capture screen shots of calculations for further references.

Mathematical Features

  • It contains all standard level scientific functions, numeric derivatives, integrals as well as fraction point solutions.
  • It can easily deal with complex point numbers, logarithmic terms, power roots and other arithmetic relations.
  • Functions properly with graphic parameters, polar and sequential functions etc.
  • Can work for matrices and they can be stored up to value 10. One can perform all major matrix operations over it as like row operations, inverse, transpose, determinant as well as identity-related operations.

It is equipped with the visual clarity that will help you to make faster connections between the equations you require for the given data and graphs. You can easily read the graphs with the high-resolution screen and the color-coded equations.

It has also been approved to be used for exams for the ease of the students. It is 30% thinner and lighter than the other models that make it easy to carry. Vibrant backlit screen and the TI rechargeable battery make it an ideal mathematical instrument.

It is also equipped with the pre-loaded applications and images to make it easy for students to use. It has a 3MB flash ROM, 154KB of RAM memory and a 50 button built-in keyboard. 

Is The Ti-84 Allowed On The ACT?

The answer is a big YES! You can use this great graphing calculator on ACT. You can even use this on other tests like SAT, PSAT, AP and IB tests. TI calculators are well known to be a good choice of graphing calculator when it comes to tests like I’ve mentioned above. You can always count on its accuracy and speed. Many professors from different universities actually recommends TI-84 graphing calculators for their students.

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